North Carolina Open Carry Laws

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Here in our great state of North Carolina we enjoy the rare consititutional carry right of being able to openly carry firearms in public without any type of permit.

Did you know though however there are several places including funerals, parades, demonstrations and state/county locations that you CANNOT even possess a gun on the grounds punishable by a class one misdemeanor.

In this informative class we cover not only these logistical concerns but NC pistol purchase laws, justified self defense laws and what to do when encountering a police officer to keep you out of handcuffs.

Course Goal
” To teach the basic laws regarding constitutional open carry in the state of North Carolina as well as address logistical and safety concerns for armed citizens.”

1. Legal Issues regarding laws of deadly force
2. Carrying safety concerns
3. Benefits of CHP vs. Open Carry
4. Where to carry where not to as well as what to do when encountering an officer
5. Scenerios

2.5 hrs. $30

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