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Unlike large chain stores,
Asheville Armory will continue legal sale of pistols and pistol ammunition.
We have .380, 9mm, .40, 45ACP all the way to 500 Smith & Wesson in stock.
Come see us today!

At Asheville Armory we take pride in being the best gun shop in town.

Sure you can shop at the big box stores and online but ask yourself -
Do you get the level of support you need with your purchase?

With skills ranging from antique restoration to premium rifle builds, we have something for anyone who stops in.
At Asheville Armory repeat business and maintaining our stellar reputation are paramount.

So whether you've never handled a gun, or you are looking to earn a Multi-State Concealed Handgun Permit or maybe looking to have a barrel threaded & crowned,

We are here to help.
Come see us today!

-Matt Hampton
Owner Asheville Armory


Armory History

Armory History

The history of Asheville Armory dates back to pre-Civil war Asheville where entrepreneurial businessmen produced a small amount of single shot black powder rifles. As war between the North and South broke out by 1863 the Confederate forces had seized control of the armory and had begun producing Enfield 1853 style muskets using metal from nearby Duckdown, TN and Western North Carolina Black Walnut for the durable wood stocks. By 1864 the armory had produced over 900 rifles but with the advancing troops from the north at the gates of the Smokies, the armory and all its contents were moved to Columbia, S.C. The original Armory located on Eagle Street downtown was burned to the ground by union troops and less than a dozen Asheville Armory muskets survive today. A Historical marker was placed in Pack Square directly in front of the courthouse which it still remains to this day. For more historical information and to see a functional replica of an Asheville Armory Musket visit the new Asheville Armory location 165 years later on Riverside Drive, only 7 minutes from Downtown


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